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Caring Colours BB Cream Everlast Review

Hello guys......!

I have posted a review about Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream, now today I wanna do a review a local (Indonesian) BB Cream. The brand is called Caring Colours.This is one the children of Martha Tilaar Group because Martha Tilaar have many cosmetic brands such as Sari Ayu, Belia, Biokos, Caring Colours, and PAC, dll.

Caring Colours released three kinds of BB Cream. BB Cream Fair White, BB Cream Everlast, and BB Cream Luminizing. I bought BB Cream Everlast and I never tried the others, so I can't compare them. All of them claim that they smoothen, brighten, cover acne blemishes and dark circle, and improve and smooth the texture of skin if we use it regulerly. BB Cream Fair White contains whitening complex, BB Cream Everlast contains long lasting formula and UV protection, BB Cream Luminizing contains Saccharomyces / xylinum Black Tea Ferment which makes the face look more radiant and Pearl extract for anti-aging and Vitamin E, which act as anti-oxidants. So, if you want a whitening product BB Cream Fair White is for you. If you want a BB Cream that last longer for daily activities, go with BB Cream Everlast, and if you need an anti-aging product, you can use BB Cream Luminizing.

I bought BB Cream Everlast because my face's oily and I want something that last longer on my face. I bought at Raya Store and the price is Rp 59.000 (about $6). Since it's a local BB Cream, I hope the shade will suit with indonesian skin tone.

The packaging
The box - front

The box - back

This BB Cream comes with a tube. It's quite easy to take out the products. The colors are purple, white and silver for the words. It's simple but elegant. But I found nothing special from the packaging

This BB Cream has a thick liquid texture and I think it's a little difficult to blending. This is has a scent but not too strong. You can't see any differences from the picture above but in real life I can see a difference that this BB Cream's darker than my backhand. It has shimmery but not too much like Revlon Photoready Foundation which I hate.



When I apply on my face, I feel my face is grey-ish and slightly sticky so I just a tiny amount in order to avoid the 'cakey' face. But when it has oxidized, it's quite match with my skin tone. So, before using powder or anything else, we have to wait a few minutes. And my tricks for achieve a natural look are before I apply powder, I use a tissue to absorb any excess oil. They don't mention how much SPF they have, so I still use a sunblock before apply this BB cream.

For the coverage, for me, this BB Cream has light to medium coverage, even though it can even out my discoloration. As you can see, my blemishes and acne scars still visible. So you have to use concealer to cover blemishes. But I just use this BB Cream as my concealer. For dark circle, because I don't really have a bad dark circle, it's quite cover my dark circle.

The finish result is not matte, but it's not dewy too. If you want a matte finish, set with a powder. Altough  it's 'a long lasting BB Cream', but in a few hours my face's still oily.

They claim if we use it regularly, our skin texture will be improve and smooth. I don't really know about this, I just used it two weeks and I didn't notice the differences.

- It's affordable
- It has better coverage than Maybelline BB Cream
- It didn't cause a breakout (for me) (I have sensitive, oily, and acne prone skin)
- It has UV protection

- It has shimmery and scent
- It's thicker and quite difficult to blend
- It doesn't long lasting
- There's no SPF information so you still have to use sunblock 

If you don't have many blemishes  and very oily face like me, and you want a little glow on your face, you may interest with this BB Cream.

Thank you for reading my blog,


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