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Currently Loving : e.l.f. Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara

Hello cupcakes....!

I wanna tell you what makeup product that I'm loving right now. That's an eyebrow gel. Because I'm new to the makeup world, I would say this is amazing product, at least for me. :D

I bought e.l.f. wet gloss lash & brow mascara (next I just call it eyebrow & lash gel or clear mascara) from online shop which sells USA and UK cosmetics and I bought MUA eyeshadow palette (I will do a review next time) and this eyebrow gel. The price of the eyebrow gel was IDR 40.000 (about USD 4), but I think it's just USD 1 in US, which means it's cheaper if you buy it in US. Actually I wanna buy a brow mascara from korean cosmetic, but the color is brown and light brown. Because my hair and eyebrow color is black, using a brown color will look unnaturally (I mean people will recognize I'm wearing makeup). So, when I knew there's a clear mascara/eyebrow gel, I definitely have to try it!

The things that I love from eyebrow & lash gel or clear mascara are it can be used for your eyebrow, so the hair will stay in place and for your eyelashes, it can hold a curl and define but still look natural. Maybe this product is not the best one for this kind of product, but I think it's still worth it.


 The packaging is nothing special, just like a mascara but there's two sides, one for eyebrow and one for eyelashes. With transparent plastic we can see gel in it. And there are two types that show which one for eyebrow, which one for eyelashes. Even though there are 2 kinds of wand applicator, I think the formula (gel) is same.

for eyelashes

for eyebrow
for eyelashes
 This is a wand applicator for eyelashes. The wand is taper at the end.
for eyebrow
This is a wand applicator for eyebrow. It's just a flat wand.

the result on my eyebrow and eyelashes

Sorry for my glowing (oily) skin. I took this picture after I got home from school (uni).  My eyebrow hair still stayed in place. When the first time you put in on your eyebrow, it will look wet and sticky, but don't worry, after it dries, there's no sticky feeling and it's long lasting. I putted it on my eyebrow at morning, and when I'm home at afternoon my eyebrow hair still stayed in place. But if it contacts with water, it will fade (since it's not a waterproof mascara). If you have really thin eyebrow hair, I will say it doesn't give you the best result. Even though it will make hair stays in place for longer time, the eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow you put on eyebrow will still wear off if you have oily skin. As you can see from my picture, I have thin eyebrow hair. ._.
For eyelashes, actually it doesn't really hold a curl, it just separate and define your eyelashes, it still hold a curl but not really longer. I curled my eyelashes again before took the pictures. And it doesn't give you volume or lenght of course because it's just a clear mascara. If you want more volume, after apply this, you can use a black/standard mascara. And the thing that I like from clear mascara is it's easy to remove with water (but I still use makeup remover), not like a waterproof mascara that difficult and take the longest time when removing makeup.

Likes :
- It can hold your eyebrow hair longer
- It can hold a curl, define, and separate your eyelashes
- Iy gives you natural look, especially for eyelashes
- It's affordable
- Easy to remove

Dislikes :
- It doesn't hold a curl for eyelashes longer
- After a few hours the color from eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow still wear off
- It doesn't long lasting if it gets wet/water
- I have to buy it online

So, if you want a natural eyelashes look and keep your eyebrow hair stay in place, go for it. But if you're looking for volume and length, maybe it doesn't for you.

Thank you for reading my blog,


8 komentar

  1. mmm, i am willing to try that!hehehe...selama ini, pake oriflame brow gelnya...suka banget..tapi udah mau habis, jadinya mau beli...i should try that myself...=)
    thanks for a review..

    anw, covergirl eye concealernya patut di coba say...so smooth and no cakey at all...tapi kamu bisa bikin eye concealer sendiri deh, coba moisturizer dicampur ama concealer...i think it would work...=D

    thanks for a nice comment dear...

    much love!

    1. elf nya boleh dicoba kak, murah lagi kalo di sana. :D
      wah, bisa dicoba tuh, makasih buat tips nya :) selama ini pake concealer di bawah mata kerut-kerutnya malah tambah keliatan.

      thank you udah mau mampir blog ini dan untuk nice comment nya kak :D

  2. wow nice post.. i really need that ! :)
    menjawab pertanyaan kamu di blog aku ya say.. iya warna nya memang hanya tertukar.. bisa jadi kesalahan produksi aja..

    makasih ya udah mampir di blog aku..

    1. kalo gitu jadi ga perlu khawatir deh buat beli nyx nya, kapan-kapan mau nyoba beli deh :)

      thanks udah mampir ke blog ini dan give a nice comment :D

  3. wahhh aku jg lg nunggu pesenen ini loh dev hahax jadi g sabar hasilnya di aku :D :D

    1. waaa.. kalo udah dateng buruan dicoba. cukup oke loh walopun ga tahan lama banget, tapi hasilnya jadi natural :D

  4. where did you buy the product?:))

    1. Halo ^^
      sekarang e.l.f udah ada official online store-nya di indonesia, jadi kamu bisa beli di http://eyeslipsface.co.id/


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