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What is Kawaii Beauty Japan?

When it comes to musics, movies/dramas, and BEAUTY things, it doesn't really matter where it is come from. I heard a lot of music and movies from many countries. As long as I like it, maybe the melodies, or the story line, I will like it. And sometimes I feel confused when people said "Why you hear/like a song which you don't even know the meaning?" I think arts is something that universal and doesn't really need the logical thinking, you just have to feeling it with heart. Well, that's my opinion, maybe you guys have different opinions. 

Since I have "not so bad" internet connection, I started watching youtube videos. And someday I found a video that taught us how to makeup. Then, It's like a heaven and drugs to me. I can't stop watching beauty videos because makeup and beauty things is something that I like since I was a child. 

Lately I have watched some gyaru makeup videos, dolly look like videos, even the natural one. And I like Japanese eye makeup. It can make your eyes big like a doll. Even thought it's extreme eye makeup but it's very cute! But Japanese natural makeup is pretty too. Japanese women already have flawless skin. They take care their skin very well.

Some Japanese girl/women that attracted my eyes because their beauty :

Ishihara Satomi

I watched her in Rich Man Poor Woman. She has cute face but her lips are sexy. :O *so jealous


The first time I saw her, I just think, wow, she's very pretty! And I just knew that she's younger than me, but already has face and body proportion like a woman.She's a member of E-girls and Happiness as sub-unit. 

Haruka Nakagawa

Well I think a lot of you have known this girl. She's a member AKB48 then transferred to JKT48. Actually if she didn't join to JKT48, I will not know her :p. She's older than me but she's like 15/16 years old to me. She has a baby face. I'm so jealous T_T.
And many more.... hehehe

Back to the topic...
So, what is Kawaii Beauty Japan? Many of you have known about it, but if not, I will tell you. Kawaii Beauty Japan is a one-stop media which share everything about Japanese beauty secrets.
They have 3 concepts : skin, heart, and body.
Skin :
They will reveal skin treatment tips and the Japanese products that they recommend. And it means the products are worth to try.
Heart :
They believe that beauty is not only about appearance but heart too, so they share beauty cultures and beautiful sceneries in Japan as well.
Body :
The basic of beauty is maintaining a healthy diet. Japanese diet is considered the most healthy diet. Therefore, they will share health and beauty tips from Japan.

Here is the logo of Kawaii Beauty Japan

So, if you are interested in Japan cultures, Japanese beauty secrets, everything about Japan, you should check them out! 

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Have a good day everyone! ^^

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  1. I love everything about Japan especially their food and culture. Thank you for sharing information about Kawaii Beauty Japan.

    By the way, I nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award. You can learn more about it here: http://www.geekgonegirly.com/2013/07/paying-it-forward-liebster-blog-award.html


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