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Review : Maybelline Watershine Pure Lipstick


Okay, this is my first post and my first product review. In this post, I will review My first lipstick that I bought by myself. That's Maybelline Watershine Pure with the number B22. I bought it at Maybelline counter at Matahari Department Store Matos. The price is Rp 52.000

Here is the packaging.

Packaging :
Actually I don't really impressed with the packaging. The packaging is okay but not really stand out. It's from plastic and really light. And I don't know why I just don't really like it.

Here's the lipstick bullet.
Bullet :
Since it's not a matte lipstick, so the texture is solid but creamy. Yeah, because it has the title 'watershine', so it must be have glossy in it. I find myself have no problems with it.

Swatches on my hand

Color :
When I swatched the first time on my hand at the counter, I saw it has brown reddish color. Because I'm not a big fan of pink lipstick and I just want my lips a little bit of pigmented, so I decided to bought it.

And it's the lipstick on my lip

Honestly I didn't really know about makeup when I first bought this lipstick. My expectation is it will give a little bit of red color on my lips, but I was wrong. It just nude brown color. But I find it's okay, the color's pretty enough for some occasion. If you really have bold and colorful eyeshadow, the nude lipstick is very suitable, so you won't look like a clown because of full makeup on your face.
But what I don't like is it makes my lips dry and it will left the white color on my lips. I just don't know how to explain it. Maybe it's just me because I have very dry lips, even though I used lipbalm before apply it.

Conclusion :
I don't like the packaging, but I love the color. It's suitable for smokey eyes or colorfull eye makeup so we will not look like a clown. But it doesn't hydrate my lips so well. And if you ask me will I repurchase it again, I say no. I want to buy another color :D

So, that's my review about Maybelline Watershine Pure. The result maybe different on each person. Maybe you like it and it's good for you, but it's not same for other people. This is my honest opinion. And yeah, because I'm not a beauty expert and I'm still a beginner, maybe my review's not really complete. I try to do my best in the future. Thank you for reading my blog. xoxo


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