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Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Review

Have you tried a lip tint? Me? I just started. It's begin when I watched one of Michelle Phan's video. To make the lipstick last longer, we can apply lip stain. That lip stain's like a spidol. But I have no idea where I can buy something like that. Then I watched another videos, they wore something strange (for me) on their cheek and lip also. And I love the natural effect which it gave. Yeah, that's Benetint. But, the price is so expensive for me. Then I asked grandpa Google about something similiar like a Benetint. Then I found The Body Shop. Hmmm, the price is quite affordable and I can find The Body Shop counter in here. But then I found something similiar like The Body Shop, that's Etude House lip tint. Alright I just knew that almost all Korean cosmetic have lip tints. Maybe it's not really like Benetint, but at least it can be used for your lips and cheek and give a natural color too with the cheaper price. :D The price is Rp 80.000 (about $8) and I bought it from Fellin Shop. Actually it's the first time I was shopping online and buying korean cosmetic, XD
For achieve a natural look this is the best lip product you should have. Because lip tint can give you a natural lip color that lipstick doesn't give you. And somehow I don't like the shiny effect from lipbalm, moreover lipbalm doesn't long lasting on my lips.

the box
the packaging

This is a new packaging from Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint. Korean cosmetics are known (especially Etude House) for their cute packaging. It is made from plastic but it doesn't look cheap. I bought red color (RD301) because sometimes pink color doesn't show on my dull lips.

It comes with an lip applicator like a lipgloss, so it makes easy to apply to your lips.

When I swatched it to my hand, the color looks like hot pink not red. The texture is a little creamy and like a gel. It smells like a cherry.



Can you see any differences? Okay, I don't apply the lip applicator to my lips directly. But I used my finger tip then dab it to my lips to achieve a natural color as much as possible. If I used the lip applicator directly, the color will be too harsh on my lip dan bakalan kayak mau kondangan -_-. If you want a bold color you can apply the second layer.

I applied this at morning and when I went home at afternoon, the color still remain on my lips even though it's just a little because I just used a tiny amount. So, I think it will be long lasting on your lips.

Like :
- Cute packaging
- Nice smell
- Long lasting
- Matte finish/not shimmery and shiny like a lip gloss (so it's like your natural lip color)
- Affordable

Dislike :
- I have to buy it online (there's no Etude House counter in my area)
- The color's quite bold (this is big no no for me to achieve a natural look)

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  2. Nice review, just stumbled across your blog. I love Etude House products :)Just did a review for their Kissful Tint Chou, if you are interested.

  3. heeey ! :)) thank you for the review, i'm planning to buy the fresh cherry tint in red too, so it really helped! :)))
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