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Hellooo everyone!

Have you heard  Make Over brand? Okay, this is a new (well, actually not  really new) cosmetic brand from Indonesia. I knew it when I read kak Agnes Oryza's post from The Curly Girl Journal about this brand. She even scanned the brochures so we can see many products from this brand.

What I've read from some beauty blogger that this brand has good quality with affordable price (it's still expensive to me because I'm still a college student :p), the price is almost same with Revlon I think. Well, I like the packaging and I love the brand name, and I hope their quality like what I'm expected.

Because I still don't have a real highlight and bronzer, I decided to buy Face Countor Kit from Make Over. I bought an eyebrow pencil too because I usually use my brown eyeliner *ups* or my mom's eyebrow pencil. The last thing that I bought (actually the first item that I purchased from Make Over last year) is an eyeshadow refill. Yes, eye shadow refill because it's cheaper than a palette.

So, these are my Make Over mini haul.....

My Make Over Haul

Face Contour Kit

The color
I like the color. Creme for highlight and brown for contour.

The brush

The brush's not really rough, but it's not soft. So, I suggest you to use your own brush.

Eye Shadow Refill
I bought soft pink color. I like the color and it's matte.

The color is pretty
Eye Brow Pencil Black Lines

That's my mini haul. Review is coming soon. Hehe.

Thank you for reading my blog,


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  1. WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS???! i don't even know what it's called hahahahahaha

    1. You should come to my home and be my model, hehe

  2. Hi devy,
    How much the price for the contouring kit one?



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