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SILKYGIRL Moisture Max Lipstick Review

Are you looking for an affordable lipstick? And you want a natural one?

Maybe you should check this out!

I bought this lipstick a few months ago and I didn't plan it. When I bought a Silky Girl Blockbuster Color Palette that I have been reviewed, I saw some lipsticks from this brand too. So, I took a look and tested some of it. When I saw this color, I decided to buy this!

I bought this at Silky Girl Counter in Raya Store. The price is IDR 39.500 (about USD 4).

with flash
And I picked up shade Cafe Latte (09).

Honestly, I don't really like the packaging. It's not cute or elegant to me (it depend on your style). But I have no problems with the packaging. And yeah, it's not bulky so it's travel friendly.

Left : multiple layers, Right : one layer
When I swatched on my hand, it turns to be reddish-peach with hint of brown. It doesn't really reddish-brown like color of the stick. And it doesn't really orange like the pictures above.

Left : Revlon Lip Butter, Right : Silky Girl Moisture Max

At first I thought the color almost same with Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle. But when I compared each other, it was different. Revlon has more reddish brown color.

It glides on pretty smooth but it doesn't really moisturize my lips. I suggest you to wearing lip balm first before you put it on your lips.
For staying power I would say it doesn't last longer and you need to re-touch up.

my bare lips
Do you see any glitter/shimmer on my lips? Sorry about that, I forgot to take a picture of my bare lips, so I took  this picture after I removed my lipstick (without makeup remover). And I have to tell you, this lipstick have many shimmer, which is I don't like for everyday use.

The colors are sheer but buildable. If you want more bold color, you can layering again.

Likes :
- It has pretty color
- It's affordable
- Easy to get (I can buy it at local store)
- Travel friendly 

- It has many shimmer (it depend on your taste)
- Not long lasting so you have to re-apply the lipstick

So, if you want an affordable and natural lipstick, or you want to add your lipstick collections, just grab it fast. XD

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7 komentar

  1. warnanya jadi kayak warna bibir ya, kukira bakalan merah nge jreng gitu, hihi suka deh ama blogmu keyen <3 thankyou ya ud pollow blog q ^^ aq polbek y say <3

    1. hehe iya batang lipsticknya warnanya merah sih, padahal dia kalo dioles di bibir warnanya natural :D
      tengkyu XD

  2. moisture max lipstick ini kok aku cari ga dapet2, ya ka? ngiler bgt pas liat punya tmen :'(

    1. wah masa ga ada? :O lagi habis stock di counternya mungkin ya..

    2. stock habisny moso berbulan- bulan?
      aku jadi malah sempet mikir udh ga di stock lagi.. tapi ini lipstick sbenerny masih stock, kan di Indonesia?

    3. kemungkinan memang dari sananya lisptick yang seri ini udah ga diproduksi lagi, karena di website resminya silkygirl ternyata moisture max ini udah gada lagi. jadi yang di indonesia ga ada re-stock nya lagi ^^

    4. Aaaaa sayang bgt blom smpet beli sbelom ga distock~
      pdhl ini lipstick salah satu yg bagus :'(


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