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The Saem - Saemmul Tint Aqua Review

Dear gorgeous!

This time I will review a lip tint from Korean brand. This brand has attracted my eyes because of their brand ambassadors. The models are IU and GD *heaven for my eyes* They are some of my favorite artists from Korea. So that's why I wanna try this brand :p
That's The Saem! I ordered Saemmul Tint Aqua in Red.

The packaging is pretty cute but simple. The jar was made from plastic, so if you drop it , don't worry. :D Because of their size, it's really travel friendly. It comes with a wand as applicator like another korean lip tints.
The consistency is almost like jelly, not really like a jelly type tint but I would say it's thicker than Nature Republic Tint that I will do a review soon.
For the scent, I don't really like it because it's like cough syrup that I drank when I was kid.

When I swatched on my hand the color looks like bold and strong red. But when I blended the color was almost gone. And that's what happened to me when I applied on my lips. So, make sure you leave it until it really dries if you want more strong color. Moreover, if you have pigmented lips like mine, you have to apply multiple layers until the color is visible. For me, I have no problem with that, because I like natural look, so it's pretty match with me.

Bare lips

multiple layers

multiple layers (again)

For staying power, unfornately this is not really long lasting on my lips. The tint wears off in a few hours, even though there still remains a bit of colored.

Likes :
- Cute and simple packaging
- Create natural effect
- Doesn't really dry my lips
- Affordable price

Dislikes :
- Not long lasting
- The 'weird' scent

If you're looking for korean lip tint that affordable and create natural finish, try this one! :)

Thank you for reading,


8 komentar

  1. I was thinking to buy one of the Saems Tints, but I was not sure which one...I'm a bit unhappy about the staying power :(

    1. yes, I'm not satisfied too for the staying power. It fade away quickly on my lips. :|
      But at least the price is reasonable and the color is nice :)

  2. Oh that tint has nice and cute color. The package is really pretty too.

    I want invite you to Join to my Etude House Giveaway

    1. yes, the color's quite nice and the packaging's pretty cute ^^

  3. packagingnya lucu ihh padahal keliatan seperti botol kaca lho
    sayang yah warnanya agak kurang jreng udah merah bgt padahal haha

    1. iya pertama kali liat di gambar kayak dari kaca, waktu pas udah megang beneran ternyata cuma dari plastik, hehe.
      warnanya nice tapi emang kurang strong dan staying power nya kurang lama :)

  4. Packagingnya lucu XD

    Aww... sayang banget staying powernya biasa aja ya.. :(

    1. iya lucu, tapi lucu yang cenderung ke elegan dan simpel sih menurutku kak :)
      he eh salah satu yang aku kurang suka staying power nya yang kurang. :]


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